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The 5-Step TAME Your Appetite Program

The TAME Your Appetite: 5 Steps to End Mindless Eating, Lose Weight and Find Peace with Food Program offers a simple, easy to implement, 5-step approach to mindful eating. Starting with mindfulness-based meditation and using it as a foundation for mindful eating, this program shows you how to use your body as a guide to the right foods by teaching Inner Wisdom.

The program explains how to incorporate sound nutritional advice, called Outer Guidance, so that you get the best nutrition for your unique needs. Insight into handling your emotions without turning to food is a vital component of this mindful eating program, as is learning to extend mindfulness in all aspects of the your life. This program offers an effective introduction to mindful eating, so that you can once and for all begin to manage your weight without ever having to diet again.

Session Outline

Step One–Cultivating a Meditation Practice

In this step, you will be taught the first step to mindful eating—mindful meditation. The value of meditation and how it is essential to mindful eating will be explained, and instructions on how to meditate will be given. Information regarding a suggested practice schedule, keeping a meditation log, and the use of meditation tools (i.e., cushions, benches, timers, etc.) will also be presented, as well as, tips on what to do when problems arise, such as when a puppy wants to join the meditation practice, or your cell phone keeps ringing across the room. 

Step Two–Cultivating Your Inner Wisdom

This step teaches the second step of mindful eating – cultivating Inner Wisdom. What Inner Wisdom is and why it works better than any diet or other outside recommendations will be explained. The elements of Inner Wisdom – hunger, thirst, fullness, taste, satiety, and satisfaction – will be explored individually and each discussion will include an exercise and a meditation. For example, in the Mindful Taste section of this step, you will be guided through an exercise using brownies. Yummy.

Step Three–Balancing Your Eating with Outer Guidance

This step will introduces the importance of using essential nutritional and health information to inform your mindful eating choices. The information is called Outer Guidance and is used to help you decide what, where, when, and how much to eat. The difference between Outer Guidance and “going on a diet” will be explained. Examples of Outer Guidance (i.e., calories, points, portion sizes, nutritional information, product labels, organic vs. natural food products, clean eating, etc.) will be used. You will be guided to trust your own instincts to determine what Outer Guidance serves your needs best.

Step Four–Exploring Your Emotions without Overeating

This step instructs you on how to experience your emotions without using food as a crutch. The key to this step is the question: What are you really hungry for? In answering this question, you will be taught how to identify your emotions (i.e., anger, anxiety, boredom, sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, and stress) and learn what you can do when you feel those emotions besides eat. Again, meditation will be taught as a foundation. Other mindfulness-based tools will also be explained, including mindful writing. 

Step Five–Expanding Mindfulness to the Rest of Your Life

Step Five will show you how using mindfulness can enhance other areas of your life. The benefits of mindful meditation on your health (i.e., decreased stress, anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia) will be explained. Exercising mindfully will be introduced, as will mindful cooking. Approaching all of life in a mindful way (i.e., while washing dishes or doing chores around the house) will be shown as a way to increase wellness and overall happiness. Tips on getting better at mindfulness will also be presented.  Being mindful is not hard, it just takes practice. This step will help you practice.

What You Will Get
Upon completion of this program, you will have the beginning of a new relationship with food, weight and eating. You will also have a variety of mindfulness and mindful eating practices that can benefit all aspects of your life.
Program Options

You can participate in TAME Your Appetite: 5 Steps to End Mindless Eating, Lose Weight and Find Peace with Food in either an online group or individualized setting.


If you prefer to participate in the program with others, you are welcome to attend the Online Group Program. The Online program is held LIVE through a virtual classroom using video conferencing. 


If you prefer to work one-on-one, Dr. Sheila can offer you the complete program via video-conferencing. The Online Individualized Program covers all the topics, exercises and experiences of the group program, but is personalized to meet your specific needs.


If you prefer to do things on your own, at your own pace, you can the TAME Your Appetite: 5 Step Program as a self-study program through the TAME School. Click here and you will be taken directly to the page inside the TAME School. 


How to Apply for the 5-Step Program

If you are interested in learning more about these TAME Your Appetite online programs, including available start dates, fee and payment plans, or to enroll, please email The Online group program is limited to 20 participants for maximum learning.