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Once upon a time, in a far-off distant land, lived a little girl named Goldilocks. One day, Goldilocks took a walk in the forest and came upon a house. She knocked on the door. No one answered, so she walked in. Goldilocks saw three bowls of porridge sitting on the kitchen table. Hungry from her walk, she reached for the first bowl and took a sip. “This porridge is too hot!” she exclaimed and put the bowl down. She reached for the second one. “This one is too cold,” she noted disappointingly. She tasted the porridge from the last bowl and said “Oh, this porridge is exactly right” and then happily enjoyed her meal. Little did you know when you heard the classic childhood story Goldilocks and The Three Bears that you were getting you first lesson in mindful eating. Goldilocks didn’t eat the first bowl just because it was there. Nor did she eat the second one because it was there. No, instead, she searched to find exactly the right one. How often do you eat something that is too hot or too cold or just not right because it is in front of you? How much more would you enjoy a meal or snack if it were “exactly right?” As you go about your day today, pay attention to whether your food choices are “exactly right.” If they are great, dig in. If they aren’t, what can you do to choose differently? How does it feel to make sure that the food you eat is “just right,” rather than simply accepting what is offered? Please write your comments below.
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