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Do you eat mindlessly? What I mean by that is, do you eat when you are not hungry or without paying attention, or food you don’t truly enjoy? Not sure? Take this little quiz to find out.

Do you…

  • Eat fast?
  • Eat standing up?
  • Eat while driving?
  • Eat with working?
  • Eat while talking?
  • Eat because the food is there?
  • Eat when you are tense, stressed or angry?
  • Eat when you are sad, lonely or afraid?
  • Eat because others are eating?
  • Eat until the plate/bowl/bag/container is empty?

These behaviors are signs of mindless eating. The problem with mindless eating is that it usually leads us to eat more food than our body, mind and spirit need, bringing with it a host of unwanted ailments—physical, psychological and spiritual. The way out of mindless eating is mindful eating, which is eating with attention, intention and purpose.

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