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If you fall off the mindful eating wagon, do not panic. Just begin again. Just begin again with your next bite of food.

Being mindful is not about being perfect, it is about being aware. In mindful meditation it is about bringing your attention back to the breath – begin again. With mindful eating, simply bring your full attention to the next bite of food you choose to eat.

If you’ve done the raisin exercise (this is a meditation during which you eat several raisins one at a time paying close attention to flavor, texture and smell), eat your next bite of food in the same manner. Look at the food closely. Notice its color, texture. Smell it. Put the food into your mouth but don’t chew. Notice it. Feel it in your mouth. Then chew it slowly. Notice the play of flavors on your tongue. When you are ready, swallow and feel it go down your throat. Let the taste of the first bite linger in your mouth.

Congratulations! You are eating mindfully again. You are back. Now, if you want to, eat the rest of your meal with awareness and joy savoring each morsel as you do.

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