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One step in mindful eating is to admire the look and presentation of the food you are about to enjoy. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to see what is right in front of us.

Sometime today, take a moment to look at something. Really look at it. It could be a picture on the wall, the face of someone you love, a flower, a puppy, your skirt, your pen. Something. Anything. Then, identify a feature of the object of your gaze to admire. It’s color, it’s texture, it’s shape. Look at it. Really see it.

What does it feel like to really look at something? What emotion do you feel? Is your experience of that object deeper because you took a moment to really see it? How might this exercise apply to the food you will eat today? If you like, you can try this exercise with the next morsel of food you choose to eat. I wonder what you will see.

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