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Cravings happen. That’s life. But it not the death of your mindful eating habits. The next time a craving hits, take a mindful moment and consider the following questions:

  1. What is happening in your body as the craving strikes?
  2. What feelings – physical and emotional – can you identify?
  3. What thoughts are occupying your mind during the craving?
  4. Is the craving getting stronger or weaker as you consider it with these questions?
  5. Can you postpone giving into the craving for a minute?
  6. How about 5 minutes?
  7. Ten minutes?
  8. If you don’t give into it how long does it last?
  9. When rhythm or path course it seem to follow?
  10. If you do give into it, can you do so mindfully by serving the food on a beautiful plate and then savoring it?

If you can ride out the craving acknowledge yourself. If you gave in notice what occurred without judgment or criticism. Think of this experience as wisdom you can apply the next time a craving shows up.

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