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Did you know that really tasting your food can help you reach your weight loss goals? An extremely enjoyable part of mindful eating is learning to truly taste the food you are eating or the beverage you are drinking. I call this Mindful Taste.

When we don’t deliberately pay attention to our food, we often eat without tasting. We feel the food in our mouth but swallow it so quickly the tongue barely has a chance to participate. This is especially true if you are a fast eater or a distracted one. Learning to really taste what we are eating and drinking can lead to greater satisfaction, which leads to a decreased desire for food, and corresponding weight loss.

The easiest way to mindfully taste your food is to simply slow down and savor what you are eating. Give yourself time to experience the flavors and textures of the food. Just a few seconds on your tongue before you start chewing can do the trick. Notice if the food is sweet or salty, tart or spicy. And, most important, notice if you like the taste. Sometimes we eat foods we don’t really like. Mindfully tasting your food will help break that habit. 

Do you taste the foods you eat?

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