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In this blog, we explore Mindful Fullness and how knowing when you have had enough to eat will help you reach your weight loss goals. Being mindfully full means that your body has received the right amount of food it needs from the meal or snack you have eaten. Mindful fullness is a feeling of comfort and ease within your body. You may describe it as feeling “whole,” “complete,” “finished,” or “done.” If you are used to overeating on a regular basis you may think that to feel full means to feel stuffed. With mindful fullness we seek a more neutral, pleasing feeling. To become familiar with feeling mindfully full, check in with yourself throughout your meal or snack and notice how you feel. If you can describe the feeling as comfortable, stop eating. If you are not sure, take another bite or two and check in again. With practice you will know when you have had just enough. How do you know when you are full? And, can you stop eating then or do you still want to eat more? Please write your comments below.
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