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At the end of January, I introduced you to the concept of equanimity. Now, the middle of the holiday season, may be a good time to revisit. The term equanimity has its origins in Latin and means “to be even in mind.” When you are in a state of equanimity, you can keep it together even in the midst of chaos. You are not unconcerned or unsympathetic to what is going on around you. Rather, you are peacefully observant. You make the choice not to be distressed by what is happening and, instead, you choose to be centered and calm. To get to that centered, calm place, repeat these phrases in meditation: “May I be balanced. May I be at peace. May I accept things as they are. May I accept myself just as I am.” You can also replace the word “I” with anyone or anything else that serves your needs. Adapted from Mindful Bites – Joyful Life: 365 Days of Mindful Eating. Available in bookstores everywhere.


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