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Call them desires or call them cravings. Call them friends or call them enemies. Call them evil or call them neutral. It doesn’t matter what you call them. What matters is what you do with them when they come calling.

When you are hit with a craving (or desire) for a particular food or drink, take a pause. Create a break between the desire and your response. Put off acting on your craving long enough to catch your breath. In fact, take a breath or two. To the best of your ability, observe the craving like a scientist might. Describe its nature. Does it get stronger or weaker as you observe it? Does it have a color, shape or sound?  How long does it last? Does it go away? Or do you give into it? If you give in to it, what changes?

Use what you observed to help you the next time a craving calls. And it will. They always do.

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