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We’re all rushing around and we need to center ourselves in order to eat mindfully. So, how do you get centered before you eat or drink something? First, you can simply pause and take two to three deep breaths. Just the act of deep breathing can bring you back to the present moment and prepare you to eat mindfully. Or, you can use the following mini-meditation. Use it before any meal or snack to get yourself centered and the right state of mind to eat mindfully.

Begin by closing your eyes and take two or three deep breaths. If any thoughts, emotions or physical sensations arise, simply notice them and then bring your awareness back to your breath. Now visualize yourself preparing to eat your meal or snack. Notice, without judgment, any thoughts or feelings that may have related to choosing to eat at this time or related to the food you are about to eat. Be aware of any tension or stress in your body as you think about eating the food you have chosen. Take a few more breaths. Next, make the choice to eat the food you have chosen with mindful enjoyment. When you are ready, open your eyes.

How do you center yourself?

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