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In a previous blog, I offered you a lesson about mindful eating from the beloved fairy-tale character, Goldilocks. Goldilocks also has a mindful meditation lesson for you. After Goldilocks mindfully ate the porridge, she felt sleepy. She searched for some place to rest and came upon three beds. She lay on the first and said, “This bed is too hard.” She lay on the second and said, “This bed is too soft.” When she laid down on the third bed she said, “This one is just right” and promptly fell asleep. Finding a comfortable position is as important to your meditation practice as finding a comfortable bed was for Goldilocks’ sleep. Some people like to sit on a chair. Others prefer a cushion. As for cushions, there are round ones, oval ones, square ones, flat ones, firm ones and ones that fold. If a cushion doesn’t suit you, there are meditation benches. You can also meditate on a bed or on the floor. Not sure how to decide, do as Goldilocks did and try out several options. It is possible that what works for you changes from time to time, even day to day. No worries. Just find a position where you are comfortable and settle in, like Goldilocks did. What will you do to find the right position for your meditation practice? Please write your comments below.
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