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The primary tool in mindful eating is mindfulness meditation. By meditating, you cultivate attention and awareness, which increases your ability to stay focused when faced with challenging situations such as: how to make healthy food choices, what to do when faced with temptation, and how to manage your emotions without turning to food.

Coming from the Buddhist tradition, mindfulness meditation uses the breath to explore the workings of the mind and learn to be present. Mindfulness meditation acknowledges that the mind wanders and rather than trying to shut thoughts out, the mindful meditator lets the mind wander accepting whatever thoughts emerge. This form of meditation strengthens your ability to be mindful by teaching you to put your attention where you want it to be. Initially, that will be your breath. Later you will be able to tune into your hunger, fullness, satiety, cravings, and emotions. 

How do you feel about using meditation as a tool for healing your relationship with food?

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