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For me, one of the unexpected benefits of becoming mindful is discovering how much more life as to offer. This is because mindfulness is a way of noticing more of what has always been there but never paid much attention to. Take nature for example. Do you know how many trees surround your home? Even if you live in a city, there will be a tree somewhere. Where? What kind? Have you noticed that when you are travelling you to pay more attention to the environment? It could be because it is new and seems more interesting. Or, it may be because we are more relaxed when we are vacationing. Truth be told, we are surrounded by natural beauty every day which we either take for granted or simply ignore. Today, spend a few minutes outside today noticing what is there. Pay attention to the gifts Mother Nature has bestowed upon your little corner of the world. Look up to the sky and see the clouds. If it’s raining, feel the wetness on your skin. If there is a flower, smell it. If a bird flies by, follow it with your eyes. Give yourself the gift of paying attention to the natural wonders that are around you. If only for a moment, be present in nature. What is your relationship with nature? Please write your comments below.
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