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Starting a regular meditation practice can feel challenging. Getting into a new routine for anything takes time and commitment. Try these 12 steps as a way to begin. You don’t need to be “perfect” just consistent. You can do this. You’ll be glad you did.  A regular meditation practice has be shown to improve mindful eating and increase weight loss (if that is a goal for you) so find your cushion, chair or mat and relax….

12 steps:

  1. Choose a time
  2. Choose a place
  3. Choose a posture
  4. Choose a day to start
  5. Choose to meditate every day
  6. Set up a timer
  7. Find support for your practice – friends, family, community of meditators
  8. Start – Meditate on the day you choose in Step 4.
  9. Commit to meditating again tomorrow
  10. Keep a journal of your meditation sessions
  11. Be kind to yourself through this process
  12. Begin again if you forget to practice – no judgment.
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