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Mindful eating is about more than food. It is about more than your body’s needs and physical well-being. Mindful eating is also about how you feel emotionally. Being aware of your emotional state is valuable in determining if you are truly hungry, physically hungry that is, or just want to eat. If you are able to recognize when you are feeling an emotion, you are in a position to address it. If you aren’t able, you may confuse your desire to eat in response to your emotion with hunger and head for the fridge. Eating in response to an emotion leaves you unsatisfied and wanting more. Taking a moment to check in with yourself to answer the question “how do I feel?” is what I am referring to when I define mindful eating as “eating with awareness of your body’s needs and preferences, as well as, your emotional states and desires.” Consider how knowing what you are feeling could affect your weight, your body and your life. In other words, how might being aware of your emotions help you with your weight and food struggles? Please write your comments below.
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