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We are creatures of habit. In many ways, this is a good thing. Doing things from habit frees us up for other things. For example, driving to work the same way every day allows us focus on our driving rather than directions. Brushing and flossing every night allows us to spend less time and money at the dentist’s office and frees us up for other endeavors.

On the other hand, some habits hurt us. For example, eating a tub of buttered popcorn every time you go to the movies isn’t really in your best interest. Neither is eating at six o’clock because its dinnertime, even though you had a scone and latte at 4:30 and aren’t the least bit hungry. The next time you are reaching for food, whether it is at a meal or snack, whether it’s a first serving or a second, ask yourself, “Am I eating this because of hunger or habit?”  If the answer is habit, see if you can resist eating, and see what happens.

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