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Inside each of us is an all-knowing wise self who understands who we are, what we need and what we don’t. We often experience this all-knowing wise self as a little voice deep inside us. Sometimes it tells us things that we don’t want to hear.

That little voice is what I call your Inner Wisdom. An important part of developing mindful eating is identifying and listening to your Inner Wisdom. Learning to hear the voice inside your head and being willing to abide by it are worthwhile skills. Learning them will help you not only with eating and weight issues but also with your life in general.

For today, do the best you can to listen for that inner voice. You don’t have to do what it says, just notice it. In other words, become aware of it. Listen to when it tells you your portion is too big or too small. Listen when it tells you that your choices are good or could be better. Each time you become aware of your inner voice you are strengthening your Inner Wisdom. In time, you will learn to listen to and abide by that wisdom, but for now, because we are building the skill of awareness, all you have do is simply notice it.

How in touch are you with your Inner Wisdom?

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