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My favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. It helps that my birthday often falls on that day, making them both extra special. In many cultures, giving thanks, or saying grace, starts a meal. As it turns out, giving thanks is an integral part of mindful eating, too. In the complete 12-Session TAME Your Appetite program, practice expressing gratitude as part of preparing to eat. We acknowledge how the food got to our plate, offering appreciation to all the people who played a role – the farmers, grocers, clerks, etc. We also give thanks for the food itself. We express gratitude for its presence, its nutrition, its taste, and, for the variety and abundance we have available to us. By giving thanks in this way we become more aware of the food we are about to eat. When we are aware, we taste more, get more satisfaction, and often eat less. Before carving the turkey, take a moment to feel grateful for all you have – food, family, friends, freedom, whatever else. Let the feelings of gratitude fill you up, and then notice if feeling grateful affects your eating. Do you enjoy your meal more? Please write your comments below.
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