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If you find yourself eating a lot of junk food at the beginning of your mindful eating journey, don’t worry. It’s a very common phenomenon. I call it the “junk food rebound effect.” If you’d spend years, may be even decades, restricting food and denying yourself cakes, cookies, chocolate, fries (or insert your favorite food here), you may find that those foods are the most appealing to you in the beginning of this journey.

The reason for this is that for the first time (maybe the first time ever), you’re giving yourself permission to have those foods. So, for a while, you might go a bit overboard. It’s OK. In time, your choices will settle down. After a while, all those cookies and cakes won’t be as desirable as they might be at the beginning of this process.

Even if you find yourself eating a lot of “junk food,” just make sure that you eat those foods mindfully. Eat them without distraction. Eat them while sitting down. Focus on the food and really taste it. If you find that you still love it, great! Enjoy! More likely, you will find that those foods are not so wonderful after all, and your strong desire for them will fade away.

Are you finding yourself in a junk food rebound?

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