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The other day, I decided to heat up a frozen Amy’s pizza for lunch. I happen to really enjoy Amy’s pizza, and on this day I was looking forward to having some. Typically, when I prepare a pizza for myself, I choose to eat half and leave the other half for later. Today as I was slicing the pizza, I heard the words “A third is enough” pop into my head. I placed the knife down and thought about what just happened.

Those “words” were my body speaking to me. It was telling me that today a little bit less pizza is what it needs to be well-nourished. So, instead of cutting the pizza in half, I served myself a third. I put the pizza on a beautiful plate, placed the plate atop a decorative place setting and sat down. I mindfully ate each bite and enjoyed every morsel. When I came to the last bite, I noticed that I was full and satisfied. My body was right! I didn’t need a half—a third was perfect! The same will happen for you as you become more tuned into yourself. You, too, will “hear” your body telling you what to do, what to eat, how much and when. All you have to do is listen…and obey.

What kind of messages has your body sent you? 

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