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When you say the word “diet,” what do you think of? Food Lists? Menu Planners? Food Diaries? How about deprivation? Hunger? Restrictions? Well, mindful eating has NONE of that!

Mindful eating is a non-diet approach that allows you to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, as long as you are physically hungry and the food you choose serves your body well. There are no lists, menu plans, or food diaries. I do suggest keeping a journal but that is for self-reflection and learning, not recordkeeping. Nor does mindful eating leave you feeling deprived, hungry or restricted.

As you master mindful eating, you will find that you gain greater satisfaction from the foods you eat, and you will make choice in such a way as to meet your body’s needs well. The last thing you will feel while mindfully eating is as if you are a diet. So, to be sure that mindful eating doesn’t feel like a diet, meditate daily, eat when you are hungry stop when you are full and make friends with your body. You’re welcome!

Let me know what you do as a mindful eater that is different than you did as a dieter.

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