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Do you meditate? I hope so because a regular meditation practice can do wonders for body, mind and spirit. Here are 3 tips to improve (or even jump start) your practice. Tip #1: Change Your Expectations If you have expectations about yourself and your experience when meditating, let them go. Allow your practice to be whatever it is. Accept that some practice sessions will work better than others. It’s all good. Tip #2: Sit Even When You Don’t Want To The key to improving you practice is by practicing. Get into the habit of sitting on your cushion, chair or floor in preparation for meditating. Even if you don’t focus on a single breath, sit there. Even if you spend the entire time complaining about meditating, mindful eating or me, sit there. By sitting there when you don’t want to you are training yourself to not act on your impulses and you are developing the discipline to be with yourself and to act on your own behalf. Tip #3: Adjust the Length of Time You Practice Adding or subtracting minutes from your practice can make your meditation go smoother. Some people find they get restless after 5. If that’s you, keep your sessions short. If you find that the first 5 minutes are hard but that if you sit for longer your mind settles down, then lengthen your practice. Adjust your practice to suit your needs. How would you describe your current meditation practice? Please write your comments below.
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