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Exclusive Mindful Eating Mentoring

Dr. Sheila’s Exclusive Mindful Eating Mentoring Program provides one-on-one mentoring designed especially for you.

If you are not interested in following a specific curriculum like the 5-Step program or the complete 12-Session program, and would prefer to learn mindful eating in a way that works best for you, this mentoring program is what you are looking for.

Mindful Eating Mentoring is set up as a three-month program with weekly video chats and daily email check-ins. During these three months, Dr. Sheila will mentor you on how to be a mindful eater in a way that suits your unique personality, eating history and weight management goals.

Prior to your starting the program, you will complete an extensive questionnaire so Dr. Sheila can get an idea of where you are and what you’ll need. In the first session, Dr. Sheila will review the questionnaire with you and together, you and Dr Sheila will design a program that’s just right for you.

Then, every week you will have a 45-minute video chat with Dr. Sheila where you will go over your program and make changes and updates as appropriate. These video chats will be planned to fit your schedule. They will also be recorded so you can have access to them at any time.

In addition, every weekday you will have the opportunity to email Dr. Sheila with questions, updates and celebrations which she will personally respond to.

And, you will become of part of an exclusive mentoring Facebook group which Dr. Sheila moderates herself.

At the conclusion of the three months, you will have the tools you need to master mindful eating.

If you wish to continue after the three months, Dr. Sheila will gladly discuss options with you.

How to Apply for the Exclusive Mentoring Program

For more information and to set up an initial consultation to get your mentoring going, please email Dr. Sheila at Dr. Sheila only mentors 10 clients a month, so email quickly to secure your spot!