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Mindful Eating is … (adapted from The Joy of Half a Cookie by Jean Kristeller, PhD)

  • Deliberately paying attention to your experience of food and eating without judgment
  • Becoming aware in each moment both internally ( thoughts, emotions, hunger, flavor , fullness) and external (nutritional value)
  • Appreciating the difference between physical hunger and other triggers for eating such as strong emotions, thoughts and social pressure
  • Choosing to eat foods as much as possible that you enjoy and that nourish your body
  • Experiencing the flavor of a food as it shifts and evolves from one bite to the next
  • Noticing how fullness develops in your stomach and how you feel once you have eaten enough
  • Using information about the nutritional value and energy of food to meet your personal needs and inform your choices of what how much to eat
  • Freeing energy from worries about food and giving it to other important areas of your life
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