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If you’re concerned that you’re going to spend a lot of money becoming a mindful eater, let me reassure you. In the beginning, you may find yourself spending more money on food as you allow yourself to bring into your home foods that you previously denied yourself. In the beginning, you might be flush with excitement and buy a lot of food, consequently increasing your grocery bill.

However, over time, you’ll see that your preferences will emerge, your understanding of what amount of food is right for your body will inform your choices, and your grocery bill will go down. Also, think back on how much money you have spent on diets, diets foods, diet programs, diet books, magazines with diets in them, etc. You will no longer be spending money on any of those things anymore. That shift will most likely offset any initial increase in your grocery bill. From my point of view, it’s totally worth it!

How much money are you saving?

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