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In two days, the witching hour will be upon us. Little ghosts and goblins will dress as their favorite superheroes and scour the neighborhood for treats. If your home is like most, you have bags of candy waiting by the door for your adorable visitors.

If you love sweets, you might have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. Being surrounded by so much candy can tax even the strongest willpower. Fortunately, mindful eating is not about willpower–it is about awareness and choice. Embrace this Halloween with mindfulness. Be aware of your desire to indulge in sugary treats. Give yourself permission to enjoy your favorite candy, making the choice to do so mindfully.

For a Mindful Halloween:

  • Choose the candies you want to eat most.
  • Find a quiet place to eat them, away from distractions.
  • Eat each candy slowly, savoring every delectable bite.
  • When you are done, acknowledge yourself for being present as you ate and for showing yourself that you can eat candy without over doing it.

How does it feel to give yourself permission to have some candy on Halloween?

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