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April is a month for traditional celebrations. Both Easter and Passover involve big meals with lots of friends and family. Easter Dinners and Passover Seders can provoke anxiety for people trying to manage their weight. With delicacies offered that are rarely eaten at other times of the year, these holidays could lead to excess eating.  But, they don’t have to! Instead of throwing your hands up and popping another chocolate bunny or coconut macaroon into your mouth, try these mindful eating tips.

Tip #1: Give yourself permission to eat the foods you want to eat when you are physically hungry.

Tip #2: Slow down. Savor your food, including those chocolate treats. Let the flavors linger on your tongue. You will get more satisfaction for less.

Tip #3: Keep up with your meditation practice. Make time every day for meditation, even if it’s just 5 minutes.

And, Tip #4: Feel grateful for the traditions you share with others. With these tips in mind, you could have a wonderful holiday without any unnecessary weight gain.

Will you use these tips this month?

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