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The journey I have been taking you on is about mindful eating, but did you know that becoming mindful in the everyday moments of your life can help your mindful eating? It can. By practicing being mindful in the moment we train ourselves to stay focused. What do I mean by “being mindful in the moment?” Simple. Right now, answer this question – where is your mind? You might be saying “reading this blog” but, is it really? Your eyes may be on the screen but is your mind there too? It is easy to wander off without even knowing. There is nothing wrong with your mind going elsewhere. Just notice where it is. For example, I notice that when I watch TV, I miss some of the dialogue. This happens when my mind wanders from the show to something else. Thank goodness for my DVR because I rewind and re-listen. Each time I do this, I refocus my attention. Minds wander. Mindfulness is simply noticing when they do. For today, take a few moments throughout the day to notice where you mind is. I simple trick to help you do this is to set you phone alarm to go off every few hours so you can check in. If your mind is not on the task at hand, acknowledge yourself for recognizing that fact and return your attention to where it belongs. The more you do that the stronger your mindful skills become and the easier it becomes to make mindful choices. Can you see how being more mindful in your everyday life could help with your eating habits? Please write your comments below.
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