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This question, “will mindful eating make me skinny?” makes me crazy! It is such a reflection of our thin-obsessed world, but I get it. So, let me answer the question with a word–maybe! I say maybe because the real question, for me anyway, is what weight is your healthiest? At what weight will your body thrive? The answer may or may not be at “skinny!”

Mindful eating is an approach to be used for weight management, including weight loss. But how much weight is lost depends on a lot of variables. For instance, how much excess weight is your body truly carrying? Many of us have a number we wished we weighed which may not be realistic for our body type, age and condition. Are you an emotional eater? If yes, that needs to be healed first before true weight loss can be achieved. (Don’t worry, with TAME I’ve got you covered!) How consistent are you with your meditation practice? The research on MB-EAT (upon which TAME is based) reveals that the more study participants meditated, the better their outcomes (including weight loss). And finally, how willing are you to not eat when you are not hungry and/or stop eating when you are full?

When you put all these variables together you can see the formula for weight loss success: meditation; eat only when hungry; stop when full; and, cope with your emotions without food. The more you do these things, the “skinnier” you will get. Let me know if this answered your question. 

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