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If you have taken a mindfulness-based meditation class, you may have been introduced to the famous raisin experiment. That experiment has you eating a single raisin slowly, mindfully. I use the raisin experiment in all my TAME Your Appetite programs. The purpose of that experiment is to teach you what mindful eating is all about. If you have never done this raisin experiment, now’s your chance (If you don’t like raisins choose another morsel of food to do this experiment). Here’s what you do:

    1. Put the raisin (or morsel of food) on a fork, spoon or between your fingers.
    2. Look at it. Notice its colors and textures.
    3. Bring it to your nose and sniff. Notice its scent.
    4. Touch it to your lips. Feel its texture.
    5. Place it in your mouth, but don’t chew. Feel it. Roll it over your tongue.
    6. Bite into it.  Notice its flavor.
    7. Chew it but don’t swallow.
    8. Now swallow and feel the food slip down your throat.
    9. Place your hand on your stomach and imagine the bite of food settling there. 

That’s it. You just ate mindfully! 

Please know that mindful eating does not mean that you will be eating every bite like this. But, if you eat a single bite of food in this way each day, you will get the hang of mindful eating.

How about it? Are you willing to eat one bite of food like this today?

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