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Today marks the beginning of a new year; an opportunity to begin again. “Beginning again” is a tenet of mindfulness and mindful meditation. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can always begin again. For many, January 1 is the beginning of a new diet, a resolution, if you will, to never eat carbs again, or chocolate or cheeseburgers or…you know what I mean.

What about if this year, instead of committing yourself to another diet, you become a mindful eater? When you are a mindful eater you do away with diets and food restrictions (unless medically necessary) and learn to trust your own body to guide you to the foods that are right for you. Based on a foundation of mindfulness meditation and effective mindful eating tools and techniques, you learn to trust your body and yourself around food, large portions and temptations. With mindful eating you can go from mindful munching and emotional eating to mindful habits and peace with food.

If you’d like to become a mindful eater, spend some time on my website and treat yourself to some of the books, videos, and audio programs available at the store. Then, follow this blog every week and I will show you how to become a mindful eater. Would you like to do that?

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