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When you eat mindfully and become accustomed to feeding your body what and how much it needs to take loving care of you, you will usually go about 4 hours in between meals or snacks. If you find yourself hungry more frequently than that, pay attention to (1) the quantity of food you have chosen at your last meal or snack. It is possible that you need to eat a bit more than you have been serving yourself. Experiment to help yourself learn how much is right for you; (2) the quality of food you are choosing. High quality, higher nutrient whole food meets your body’s needs better than low-quality processed foods. Pay attention to which foods keep you satisfied longer; and, (3) don’t be afraid of fat and protein. Good quality fats and proteins can be a health part of one’s diet. If you are loading up on carbohydrates you may feel hunger sooner than if your diet were more balanced. Once again experiment with what works for you. Consult with a doctor or dietician if you have special dietary needs.

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