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What about beverages? I get this question often. People, including me, enjoy having a cup of tea while reading, a cold beer while watching the game, a cuppa coffee while surfing the web. The question is, is this being mindful? My answer is it depends.

Remember as always, mindfulness means your awareness. If you mindfully make yourself a cup of tea, place it down next to you when you sit down to read your book, and allow yourself to be aware of each sip as you take it, you are mindfully drinking. It’s the absent-minded sipping, the distracted guzzling, etc., that takes you out of awareness and out of mindfulness.

What you will learn as you become better and better at mindful eating is that you can mindfully eat or drink while you’re doing other activities. In the beginning it’s helpful to be mindful and eat or drink without distraction, but once you become really tuned in to your hunger, thirst, fullness, satisfaction, etc., you’ll be able to practice mindful eating under almost any circumstance. 

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