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The Mindful Weight Loss Method

The Non-Diet Approach to Permanent Weight Loss

and Peace with Food


The Mindful Weight Loss Method is a 12-week self-study and coaching program, and its outcome is simple: to change your relationship with food so that you can lose weight and keep it off by using mindful eating tools and techniques rather than another useless diet. 

These are the things you we focus on to help you achieve great results: 


First, we lay the foundation for a new, healthier relationship with food by beginning a mindfulness-based meditation practice. Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated before, I will teach you how. And, if you are afraid you can’t meditate, I will show you that you can. It’s easier than you think! 

In this module, you will learn how to use mindful meditation as the foundation of your new relationship with food. By the end of this module, you will have a daily meditation practice. 

Week One: Why Meditate 

Week Two: How to Meditate 

Week Three: Building a Daily Practice 


In our next phase, we’ll direct our attention to once and for all ending emotional eating. If eating in response to stress, anxiety or other feelings sabotaged your previous weight loss attempts, that all ends here! Using mindfulness, you will learn how to regulate your emotions without needing to use food to cope. Finally, you will be able to deal with life on life’s terms by relying on yourself and your new skills rather than a pint of Rocky Road.

In this module, you will learn how to end emotional eating once and for all. 

Week Four: What’s and Why’s of Emotional Eating 

Week Five: How to Stop 

Week Six: What to Do if You Relapse


Once we’ve laid the foundation for the transformation you seek with a daily meditation practice, and you are coping with your emotions without turning to food, we’ll cultivate specific mindfulness-based tools and techniques that will guide you into a trusting relationship with your body, a greater understanding of how, when and what to eat, and a more balanced approach to food and life.

In this module, you will learn how to trust yourself around food by cultivating wisdom you already have and trustworthy guidance you gather from others. 

Week Seven: Inner Wisdom 

Week Eight: Outer Guidance 

Week Nine: Mindful Choices 


In this module, you will learn how to make mindful eating a lifelong habit and how to recover should mindless eating rear its ugly head. 

Week Ten: Getting Good at This 

Week Eleven: Managing a Slip or Relapse 

Week Twelve: How to Keep it Going

All-inclusive Content

12+ Mindful Video Lessons. Each lesson will take about 30 and you’ll know exactly what to do as I guide you step by step through the entire Mindful Weight Loss Method. 

17 Mindful Meditations. Each week I will provide you with a specialized meditation designed to enhance that week’s learning and deeper your mindfulness skills and practice. 

The Mindful Weight Loss Toolkit™. You will get 12 mindfulness-based skills to help with your food and your life. 

Membership to Private Facebook Group. Everyday you’ll be able to connect with others doing The Mindful Weight Loss Method™. I will jump in frequently to answer questions, give guidance or just have some fun. 

Weekly Mindful Accountability Call. Every week, you and I jump on Zoom for a private 30 minutes to get an update on your progress. I’ll make sure you understand the tool and techniques and are doing the work. If you get stuck anywhere, I’ll be right there to help you move through it. 

How to join:

The MINDFUL WEIGHT LOSS METHOD is available through the TAME School. Click here and you will be taken directly to the program. Once there, you learn how to set up your coaching calls.