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If mindfulness is about awareness then everything you are unaware of can be deemed mindlessness. In fact, mindlessness means “being without awareness.” In terms of eating behavior, mindless eating means eating without awareness and that is so much of the eating that we all do. For example, do you:

  • get popcorn every time you go to the movies simply because it’s there? 
  • eat the entire portion that’s placed in front of us even if you are not hungry for it?
  • eat food as directed by some diet list or program regardless of whether you’re in the mood for it or if it even tastes good? 
  • choose the same foods repeatedly without checking in with your body to see if that’s really what it needs to be nourished?
  • each for ice cream every time you feel upset? 

Pay attention to how much eating you do mindlessly. Just doing that will make you a more mindful eater.  Are you willing to pay attention?

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