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You overate. It happens to all of us.

Even those of us who are mindfully practicing mindful eating (yes, I mean me!). When you overeat, and you will, no worries. No judgment. No cause for alarm. Instead, take a mindful moment and listen. Listen to what you body and your mind are telling you and learn from it. Ask yourself: Why did I overeat? Was I too hungry when I started? Did I zone out and not notice when I was starting feel full? Was the food so good I didn’t want to stop? Was I feeling an emotion I wanted to make go away? Was I afraid I’ll never have this food again?

Whatever your why was, learn from it. Then, make a plan for how you might handle your why if and when it shows up again. Overeating is NOT a reason to abandon mindful eating. In fact, overeating can be mindful eating if you are aware of what you are doing! 

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