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Social settings can turn off our mindfulness and turn on our mindlessness is an instant. To remain mindful when you are with others, try these mindful tips:

  • Be sure to set aside time for your daily meditation practice prior to attending the party
  • At the party, tune into the sights, sounds and smells around you
  • Connect with your fellow partiers through conversation, music and dance
  • Feel connected to yourself by noticing your feet as they touch the ground
  • Review the food selections before choosing what you will eat
  • Choose your favorite foods first
  • Before eating take a moment to see the food, smell and touch it if possible
  • Silently thank your host, caterer, server and anyone else who participated in bringing  this food to you 
  • Slowly taste your food – savor each bite
  • Put down your fork (or fingers) between bites
  • Take several deep breaths when you notice yourself being mindless
  • Begin again

And most important: have fun!

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