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Stop Dieting, Start Living: 7 Skills for Health and Happiness


FREE CHAPTER ONE OF “Stop Dieting, Start Living” e-book. In this free report, you will learn seven skills to leading a full and satisfying life without emotional eating.

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Is your preoccupation with weight, food and diet preempting a full and satisfying life? What if having a full and satisfying life is the path to a healthy weight and an end to emotional overeating? What if leading a full and satisfying life meets so many of your emotional needs that the need to eat in response to your emotions lessens or completely disappears?

In this free eBook excerpt, you will find seven skills to creating such a life. They are

  1. mindful eating
  2. deliberate movement
  3. mindful meditation
  4. active socializing
  5. heartfelt gratitude
  6. full engagement, and
  7. finding joy.

With all these skills in place, your life will be full of so much more than concern about your diet, weight or food intake that you will feel be healthier and happier than ever before and you will most likely lose weight without even trying! When you stop dieting and start putting all of that time, attention and resources in other directions you will be more successful in your life anad weight loss journey than ever before.


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