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Are you a slave to your afternoon Big Gulp? Do you use soft drinks to fill you up or prevent you from overeating? Many people do. Soft drinks, or any sugary drink, lead to excess calories without satisfaction, satiety, nourishment or fullness. This can lead to more eating because your body is still hungry. You may temporary trick your body into thinking it’s full, but your body is smarter than that and in short order it will signal you to eat again. Also, sweetness triggers cravings, which demand that we eat or drink more, and sweetness damages our palate. We become so accustomed to overly sweet food products that we can no longer taste the natural sweetness of a ripe peach or slice of watermelon. Diet drinks are no better. They may trick the taste buds but not the brain. They also increase our desire for sweets. Plus, there is some evidence that the artificial ingredients in some diet beverages can cause or exacerbate depression. Nobody wants that! The next time you find yourself reaching for a sweet drink, pause, take a moment to check in with yourself to determine what it is you really want. I doubt it truly is a Big Gulp. Adapted from Mindful Bites – Joyful Life: 365 Days of Mindful Eating. Available in bookstores everywhere.

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