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Beginning a Meditation Practice

Last year, I launched the 5-Step TAME Your Appetite Program in response to people’s desire for a quicker way to get started than the complete 12-Session program. This blog explains the first step of the 5-step program – cultivating a meditation practice.

Mindful meditation is essential to mindful eating because it teaches you how to focus your attention and how to be more responsive than reactive. To begin a mediation practice, simply find a comfortable place to sit. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and as you do focus your attention on the breath coming in through your nose and going out through your mouth. Continue to focus on your breath for several minutes (you can set a timer on your phone if you like) and whenever your mind wanders (and it will!) simply shift your attention back to your breath. That’s all it takes!

Set aside a few minutes for meditation each day, and before you know it you will have established your practice. Will you give it a go?

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