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TAME Your Appetite Workshops

If you are not ready for either of the TAME Your Appetite Programs, you may prefer to learn about mindfulness-based eating awareness training through one of these TAME Your Appetite Introductory Workshops.


A wonderful way to start your journey into mindful eating is by attending one of Dr. Sheila’s One Hour Introductory Workshops. In this workshop, Dr. Sheila will explain the principles of mindful eating, teach you a basic mindfulness meditation and lead you through a mindful eating experience.

The topics covered include:

  • What is Mindful Eating?
  • Using Meditation as a Tool
  • A Mindful Eating Experiment
  • Aspects of Mindful Eating
  • Hunger
  • Fullness and Satisfaction
  • Choice
  • Eating Mindfully with others
  • 7 Skills for Mindful Eating

These workshops are held online. Handouts will be provided.


You can deepen your exposure to and understanding of mindful eating by attending a full day online workshop where you dive deeper into the principles of mindful eating, expand your skills for mindfulness meditation and experience mindful eating in real time. This workshop is six hours long and comes with a Student Guide.

I hope that you will join me soon for one of these amazing opportunities to become a mindful eater!

Full-Day Program Syllabus
Here’s what the full day workshops cover:

Part One:

  • Introduction and Review of Program Principles
  • The Raisin Exercise
  • Inner and Outer Wisdom: Making Choices Around Food
  • Introducing Outer Wisdom Concepts
  • Outer Wisdom: How People Become Overweight

Part Two:

  • Introducing Inner Wisdom: Mindfulness Meditation
  • Reasons for Mindfulness Meditation
  • Previous Experience with Meditation
  • Basic Meditation Instructions
  • Initial Mindfulness Meditation Practice
  • Purpose of Daily Practice

Part Three:

  • Moving in New Directions: Using the KEEP IT OFF checklist
  • Inner Wisdom: Mini-Meditations
  • Mindful Eating Exercise: High Fat Foods
  • Outer Wisdom: A Mindful Approach to Calories
  • 500 Calorie Challenge

Part Four:

  • Inner Wisdom: Physical Hunger Awareness
  • Inner Wisdom: Emotional Eating Triggers
  • Outer Wisdom: Physical Activity, Health and Wellness
  • Inner Wisdom: Taste Satisfaction and Satiety
  • Mindful Eating Exercise: Chocolate!

Part Five:

  • Outer Wisdom: Restaurant Eating
  • Relationship between Physical Hunger/Fullness/Body Satiety Scales
  • Outer Wisdom: My Plate
  • Mindful Eating Exercise: Fruits and Vegetables

Part Six:

  • Connecting Inner and Outer Wisdom
  • Integrated Mindful Eating Meditation
Workshop Options

You can participate in the TAME Your Appetite Workshops online.



The Online Introductory Workshops are one hour long and are offered via video conferencing.



The Online Full-Day Workshops are six hours long and are offered via video conferencing.

 How to Apply for TAME Your Appetite Workshops

If you are interested in participating in our TAME Your Appetite workshops, including upcoming workshop dates, fee and payment plans, please email Online workshops are limited to 20 participants for maximum learning.