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You may recall that three years ago, I launched the 5-Step TAME Your Appetite Program in response to people’s desire for a quicker way to get started than the complete 12-Session program. This post explains the second step of this 5-step plan: Cultivating Your Inner Wisdom.

Inner Wisdom is your body’s way of communicating hunger, thirst, fullness, taste, satiety, and satisfaction. By learning your body’s signals, you will be able to eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full, and experience greater satisfaction from each dining experience.

To get started on this process, take a moment before you eat to asses whether you are truly hungry. If you are, eat. If you are not hungry, then wait until you are. I promise you, the food will taste better if you are hungry when you eat it!

Then, when you do eat, eat slowly and without distraction to really taste the food and feel satisfied by it. Pause during your meal to feel how full you are. If you are full, stop eating. If you are not full, continue to eat, checking in periodically to find that “sweet spot” of fullness and satisfaction.

The more you pay attention in this way, the easier it will become to recognize and act upon your Inner Wisdom. How does your body “talk” to you?

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