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Did you know that smell and taste are intertwined? If you ever had a cold with a really stuffed-up nose, you know what I mean. Nothing tastes good when you cannot smell. To help you learn to eat mindfully and really savor the food you are eating, take a whiff. Enjoy the scent of the food as much as the taste. You should find that you derive more satisfaction from your fare by doing so rather than just gobbling it down.

If you didn’t prepare the food yourself try to smell the different ingredients used. Can you identify the spices?  If you did prepare it, can you differentiate among the ingredients you used? As you eat, does the smell and/or taste change? If so, how? When you’re done eating, take a moment to notice if any tastes linger. Any smells?

See if paying attention to smell and taste this way, enhances you r enjoyment of your food. I suspect it will.

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