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Here’s a quick exercise for you to try. Try to imagine the lunch you ate yesterday. Do you remember eating lunch yesterday? If yes, do you remember what you ate yesterday?

If you don’t remember, don’t worry. Many people don’t remember what they eat from day to day unless they are either following a diet plan that prescribes their daily food intake or they keep a food diary. Not remembering is part of mindlessness and will change as you keep on developing your mindful eating skills.

If you did remember what you ate for lunch yesterday, see your meal in your mind’s eye. See the food on the plate, bowl or container. Remember where you were when you ate it. Now, remember what it looked like and ask yourself what colors were present. That’s right, what colors? For example, yesterday I had black bean burger and green salad for lunch. So, the colors on my plate were dark brown, green, red, and golden brown. It may seem silly to you to think about the colors that make up your food but doing so helps us be more present with our food.

Today, make it a point to notice the colors in the food you eat. Using our eyes to see the food we are eating is a step towards mindful eating. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I say beauty is in the plate in front of us. How might really looking at your food affect your eating habits?

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