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You know you’re hungry but you’re not sure what you’re hungry for. This situation is very common once you give yourself permission to eat according to your body‘s needs and desires and are no longer following a prescribed food plan or diet. What I do to solve this dilemma is to imagine different foods. For example, if I want a snack, I might ask myself, do I want an orange? Then, I would imagine what it would be like to eat an orange, to peel it, to taste it, to smell it. If I like what I am imagining, great! I have an orange. If not, I do the same thing with an apple, or container of yogurt, or a handful of almonds, whatever. Eventually I settle on what feels exactly right. Then, I serve it to myself and I have a lovely mindfully chosen meal or snack.

Try using your imagination in this way and let me know how it goes.

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