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The Tuesday after the first Monday in November is Election Day in America. On this auspicious day, we get to cast our ballots for candidates and issues that reflect our values and goals. As a mindful eater, you too get to cast your vote in a way that reflects your values and goals each time you “elect” to eat something. Every sip, lick, taste and bite is a vote, a choice. You can choose to eat foods that align with your Inner Wisdom or you can decide to ignore that guidance. Just like the choice of whom and what you vote for is yours alone, so are your mindful and mindless choices. They are yours and just like with an election, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. How will you execute your right to “vote” today? Adapted from Mindful Bites – Joyful Life: 365 Days of Mindful Eating. Available in bookstores everywhere.

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