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Bad days happen. We all have them. The car gets a flat. The kids miss the school bus. Your boss wants that report yesterday. When you are ready to throw your hands up in the air and don’t know what to do, be grateful. Gratitude puts things into perspective. Once we have perspective, we are better able to come up with workable solutions. And, once we have a workable solution, we are less likely to stress or emotionally eat. Having a bad day, grateful for what is going right. Got a headache, be grateful for the health in the rest of your body. Hard up for cash, be grateful for the money you do have. When you don’t know what to do, how to feel or what to say, find something to be grateful for. Gratitude works. It’s so simple and yet unbelievably effective. Give it a try.  Adapted from Mindful Bites – Joyful Life: 365 Days of Mindful Eating. Available in bookstores everywhere.

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