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Early in my practice and study of mindful eating, I attended a silent retreat. For the better part of three days, I said nothing as I participated in meditations, yoga and meals. At first, it wasn’t easy. I like to talk! But as I got used to it, I came to appreciate it. My senses were more heightened, my insights more apparent, my sleep more peaceful. In the time since that retreat, I have come to enjoy the quiet times I have. I am less likely to turn on the radio in the car, or the TV at home.

Silence is quite golden. You might not be interested in attending a silent retreat (although someday I hope you do), but you might want to consider some silent times in your own life. Try turning the TV or iPad off for a few hours and see what happens. What happens when silence happens? Trying eating or cooking in complete silence. What do you notice? Does the food taste better? Is your mind more chatty? Whatever it is – it is all good.

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